Congratulations! On the 10th Anniversary of ‘Yathra’ News Paper

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Capture1-561x340Napoleon Bonaparte once said “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets …”, but ‘Yathra’ news paper has taken a more pragmatic approach by selecting a good mix of hostile and sober approach. The paper has prevailed over a decade sharing the true meaning of its name – a journey of exploration of knowledge and carrying the discoveries to the public as its uniqueness.
Imagine bringing up a kid or a puppy as most Canadians do from birth over the next 10 years or even a plant from a raw seed to a live tree over 10 years – No easy task isn’t it?. Creating and nurturing over such a time span requires very special effort. Not many may appreciate what it takes to develop something not tangible like a news paper from scratch in a foreign country yet expecting a huge tangible effect on the people it serves.
‘Yathra’ therefore deserves a huge applaud. We simply salute Yathra team for doing just that

Presenting 120 ‘Yathara’ publications, creating equal number of powerful editorials and impactful front pages, editing over 3000 articles contributed by several hundred writers with multiple interest ranging from Social, Political, Economical, Historical, Religious, Cultural, Scientific, Fictional, Imaginative, Mythical/Astrological, Variety of Arts (Cinema, Arts, Poetry, and Stories etc), Different Sports etc and the Kid’s is no accident. In addition ‘Yathra’ has been providing the platform for many community service providers to bring their identity and products to the open

However it is our belief what matters most is not the volumes of literature published by the Newspaper, but the quality they deliver to the society which in turn can trigger meaningful reaction or generate a material impact to advance the readers and the society at large
Based on last many publications over several years, we looked at ‘Yathra’ score card. Very clearly in our mind the following five areas stand out. Think whether you feel the same way
• ‘Yathra’ has kept the migrant Sri Lankan community in Canada alerted to the pulse beat of their country of birth. In our opinion, even unknowingly people have been obliged to remain current on their morale obligations to their roots. In doing so, ‘Yathra’ has fearlessly touched sensitive areas and opened them up for debate with useful insights
• The effort and energy it has displayed to promote Sri Lankan culture and values are commendable. The quality events they presented to the society under different themes and their generous support to any quality cultural activity are prime examples
• Without any racial inclination, ‘Yathra’ has advocated the correct use of Sinhala language in the society and lent hand for ongoing or special initiatives to promote use of Sinhala language in the society
• Its editorials are provocative but insightfully address the contemporary societal issues and underlying root causes whether they are in Sri Lanka or Canada if they perceive them to be affecting our society. The debates those have created are good testimonies to their quality
• Yathra commercial and advertizing spaces have enabled links between the service provider and the recipients. Several community organizations and individuals we spoke to have expressed gratitude for the support they have received at the start up phases of their work
We know keeping a newspaper alive in a foreign land with limited resources by no means is an easy task. No doubt the large majority of Yathra readership appreciates the strong sense of community service, unwavering determination, and courage to be different and journalistic skills displayed by Yathra team to bring the paper to the society. The ability of the team to take the criticism irrespective of the nature should also be acknowledged. We believe as a seasoned team you have the wisdom to separate the criticism on content or policies compared to individual grouses
Ability to responding to the changing landscape of the society without compromising fundamental principles is a hall mark of a progressive newspaper. With the changes particularly in the areas of demography and the expectations of the Sri Lankan society, we recon ‘Yathra’ can play an evolving role. Although not being in a position to play an advisory role to a newspaper, we took liberty to place before you some expectations for considerations for the future of the newspaper
• Continue to be independent on any key issue affecting Sri Lankan society at home or in Canada and share them with facts enabling people to play an active role in the progress of the motherland
• Promote ‘Sri Lankan’ identity but create platform for the Sri Lankan society to link up and take advantage of the progressive values of other cultures in pluralistic Canadian society
• Bring out Sri Lankan women to play a more pivotal role beyond traditional house wife concept to realize their full potential for the greater good of the family and self
• Share the lessons depicting attitudes of the developed societies to instill confidence in people to rely on self beliefs and facts instead of being subservient to Myths and unknown forces
• Provide a platform to induce the youth and the growing 2nd generation Canadian Sri Lankan kids so that they can be proud of their heritage and part of the bridge between their parents and the Canadian society
The team can definitely look back with tremendous sense of satisfaction of your journey. We may have not captured several other services you provided to the society but you should know there is a large appreciative crowd.
We slightly altered a quote of someone to sum up this article and provide you a perspective. If you were born with the ability to change someone’s perspective or emotions, never waste that gift. It is the most powerful gift others may envy and want to emulate – the ability to influence.

Go for another decade
- That is our wish on your 10th anniversary

- Daham Rajapakse

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